Merryland International School



Recitation: After the Nursery Rhymes, Recitation is the next step to developing the oral skills of the child. This event helps assessing the oratory skills of a child.

Spell Bee competition

This is the word building competition where the spelling ability of a competitor and his /her ability to recognizing a given combination of letters are a valid English word together enables the competitor to score points. Spell Bee is a wonderful educational tool.

International Science & Math Olympiad

These two Olympiad conducted in the school separately; bring out the abilities of individual students in solving problems in mathematics and science, it provides platform to benchmark their abilities against their peers in india and abroad.

Salad Making Competition

To bring about awareness of the use of fruits & vegetables in the daily diet. Eating raw fruits and vegetables will make you feeling better, look fit, become healthier and live longer. The importance of each fruit & vegetable is shared with the children. The children relished the fruit & vegetable salad.

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