Merryland International School



Each child develops his or her own set of symbols, which are based on their understanding of what is being drawn rather than an observation. Each child’s symbols are therefore unique to the child. Children not only draw from life, but also copy images in their surroundings.

At first children scribble. The youngest child scribbles with a series of left and right motions, later up, down and then circular motions are added. They also become interested in arrangement and can produce simple collage of coloured paper. Once children have established controlled scribbling they began to name their scribbles.

Thus Art Zone is the place where children learn to express their feelings and emotions with the help of drawing and painting.


At MIPS we believe in learning by understanding and also encourage children as to “PLAY AS YOU LEARN AND LEARN AS YOU PLAY”.

Hence a cute Puppet shows are regularly conducted by teachers to understand various curriculum topics.


At Merry Land International Public School Dance classes are being conducted students because at MIPS, we think that Dance is powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.


Music is the soul of life and is the best way to express one’s feelings and emotions. Music provides an outlet to a child’s pent-up emotions and to learn the concepts and vocabulary.

So we designed music zone for the children where they learn different songs/Rhymes through body movement, with the help of harmonium and some traditional instruments such as Dholak, drums, triangle instrument, rattles, Damru and so on.


At MIPS, we understand that no child’s development is complete if he/she is not allowed for physical activities along with mental development.

Hence a good playground is must for holistic development of students. We have huge playground…………..mts which hosts varieties of play activities like the SWINGS, FOOTBALL GROUND, BADMINTON, VOLLEY BALL, ATHELETIC GAMES etc.

School encourages to participate in varieties of games and sports activities throughout the year and are facilitated on ANNUAL SPORTS MEET


Basket is one of the most popular games in the world. It is also one of the oldest games. It is game of strength and stamina. Hence, active participation of the students in Basketball helps in Gross Motor Development and the eye hand coordination Team spirit, sportsmanship, passion and never give up attitude were shown by every single player.


Skating in the schools is an educational enrichment program offering students an opportunity to learn how to skate and about the science of skating.


Green verdant campus with vast open spaces. MIPS is a 100% eco-friendly campus…………………………….in size.


To cater to the commuting needs of students, MIPS has a fleet of buses which conform to the highest norms of safety ensured with the help of CCTV cameras and are manned by well-trained drivers and assistants. The transportation charges depend on the distance.

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