Merryland International School


In MIPS dedicated, qualified and experienced teachers have been selected for their expertise and their ability to create motivational atmosphere for students. They approach each day with an open mind and a sense of humor. They aren’t easily discouraged by bumps in the road or hiccups in the schedule, whether these issues be big or small. With a multitude of factors impacting every minute of the day, strong educators must be willing to bend when necessary, with a smile.

They know that their students will only succeed to the extent that they are encouraged and believed in. By approaching each student with only the highest of expectations, these educators visualize student success long before it actually occurs. This is one of the most magical aspects of our teachers. The team takes on the role of parents once the child is taken under their shelter. Never satisfied with the tried and tested, our educators delight in creating more effective ways to explore and share knowledge, thus, breathing life into their teaching, thereby, enabling our children to go beyond rote learning.

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