Welcome to merry land International Public School

Welcome to The Nobel Student

Merry Land is one of the best Co-Educational day school, which was established in April 2011 with around 100 students. The School is possibly one of the best equipped day School both in design and facilities, with lot of emphasis on latest educational technology to enable the students to realize their full potential. The method of instruction is as per the CBSE syllabus. The School offers English, Hindi, and Punjabi Languages.

At MIPS, we impart an all-round quality education through an inspired delivery of the Curriculum for leading to the CBSE at the end of Years 10. Our education emphasizes internationalism and creativity, fosters positive self-esteem, and encourages the pursuit of excellence all within an enlightened environment.

The School firmly believes that no society can claim greatness and survive long if its foundation is not built upon a strong ethical base. The School therefore lays strong emphasis on the moral, aesthetic, and physical growth of each-individual. The School also does not ignore inculcating a sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness.

The School also firmly believes that education must encourage and help to develop skills in communication, critical thinking, reasoning, analysis, and synthesis. This is the least that is expected of an educated person. We expect our children to leave the School with qualities like independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, compassion, self- confidence, and commitment; all necessary ingredients to take the society forward.

The School boasts of

• Tastefully designed building which include spacious class rooms.
• Creatively designed offerings in Fine Arts.
• The physical facilities of the School have been conceptualized and executed in order to meet the student’s requirements to the utmost priority.