We at Merry Land believes that, Students safety is our utmost priority!
Causes of harm to the children can be numerous, hence it is essential to teach children to be alert, be bold enough to run or yell for help, tell someone trustworthy about any kind of meddling with their body by anyone. To ensure this following measure are taken on regular basis

A. Child Abuse Prevention CommitteeMembers

1 Mr. Kamal Ghotra   Director
2 Mrs. Shavinder Kaur   Principal
3 Mrs Kulwant Kaur   Coordinator
4 Mr. Prabhjinder Singh   Clerk
5 Mrs. Sharanjit Kaur   Parent
6 Mrs. Rajwinder Kaur   Parent
7 Mr. Sandeep Singh   Parent
8 Rohanpreet Singh   Student
9 Jaspreet Ghotra   Student
10 Bhavneet Kaur   Student

B. Student’s Counseling

At, Merry Land ‘CHILD SAFETY & SECURITY’ sessions were conducted, the Principal Mrs. Shavinder Kaur, presided over the congregation explaining the importance of educating a child about his/her own safety which she said, can be ensured only with the combined efforts of the school and parents.
• Children must know their parents Contact number and address details.
• A documentary film titled Komal - on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) was shown for educating children on Good Touch & Bad Touch.
• Students to be alert, avoid standing alone in inconspicuous places, take precautionary measures while moving in the school premises, elsewhere too

C. Parent’sCounselling

• Child Abuse Prevention Tips given to Parents:
• Know what child abuse is, Know the signs, volunteer your time, Discipline your children thoughtfully.
• Educate yourself and others.
• Teach children their rights.
• Support prevention programs.
• Report abuse.
• To reach out to every child in need of care and protection by responding to emergencies on 1098.

D. Safety Measure taken by school

• CCTV Surveillance: The efforts of MIPS management in securing safety and security of students by monitoring and lady guards’ inclusion in the system.CCTV cameras are installed in all school buses which keep parents informed about their wards’ whereabouts.
• ‘Parent-Teacher-Students Committee’ meetings are held from time to time regarding child safety & security.
• The Teaching and Non -Teaching staff are educated on this social evil and counselling sessions are conducted regularly.